The More You Know

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The World at Large by Rachel
Sept 4, 2014 17:28:02 GMT -5
Mandatory Reading.
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Question Box by Desi Ansel
Dec 12, 2015 22:54:31 GMT -5
How can we make the site better? What do you want to see happen in the near future? Any bugs or glitches you find, report them here.
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All announcements shall be decreed here.

All About Characters

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Kenneth Folly (WIP) by kenneth
Apr 20, 2016 21:30:56 GMT -5
Please post all auditions here. When they are accepted, they will be moved into the appropriate spaces.
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Alexandria Willows by Alexandria Willows
Feb 1, 2016 15:00:07 GMT -5
All of the accepted characters are filtered into their respective groups.

Character Development

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Major Claim by Alexandria Willows
Apr 10, 2016 22:10:43 GMT -5
Character Face Claim, Dorms, Clubs, etc.
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Alexandria's Plotter by Alexandria Willows
Feb 10, 2016 17:14:12 GMT -5
Want to keep track of who your characters know, who they love and hate, where they met? Post a page specifically designed to keep your brain from exploding. Other people can post in the page as well if they want to start a thread with your character.
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Little Sister by Tibi Dalca
Dec 18, 2015 19:50:56 GMT -5
This forum is for plotting requests, play-by requests, fight requests, etc. Need to get a role play jump started? Got an idea for a mini plot, but you need people? Post your ideas here!
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Christofferson Frey's Twitter by Christofferson Frey
Aug 2, 2014 23:47:04 GMT -5
Here your characters can tweet, text, and insta as much as their little heart desires!

Site Wide Events

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The First Three Days by Elysia Tillers
Dec 10, 2015 2:30:11 GMT -5
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Check here once a month for a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

Phoenix University

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Why you always lyin' (Open!) by Skye Harris
Oct 20, 2015 12:39:16 GMT -5
This is the largest area of the school. All of the buildings and classrooms for 'normal' majors are found here.
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Morning People Watching [Open] by Alexandria Willows
Apr 13, 2016 17:54:55 GMT -5
It's a busy place during the three meal times but it doubles as a kind of coffee house and snack bar on the off hours. Energy bars, fruit and other snacks are available as well as various other drinks like coffee, tea, juice water, etc. The teacher's table is up at the front and the rest of the tables are lined up for the students. It is designed in an L shape for maximum capacity.
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Weakness Leaving the Body {OPEN} by Elijah Gardner
Feb 6, 2016 21:36:15 GMT -5
A state of the art gym. It has a pool, a weight room, a track, a basketball court and various machines and things for training. There are also rooms for yoga and dance classes.
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Browsing the Library [Open] by Alexandria Willows
Apr 18, 2016 13:12:32 GMT -5
This expansive library has three floors. One for media, one for books and one for quiet study. The entrance is on one side of the quad, but the actual library goes through a mountain and over looks the surrounding areas. On the other side is a wall of floor to ceiling windows allowing for perfect views of the sunset every night.
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Black Sun [Gavin] by Gavin Blackwell
Jan 20, 2016 18:13:37 GMT -5
The quad is a peaceful grassy area for students to hang out when the weather is nice. It is boarded by the library, the student center, the Nalaar building and the first of the Elspeth buildings. There are benches, little gardens and quaint walkways.
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No More Strings (Open) by Dominic Clarke
Dec 23, 2015 0:10:10 GMT -5
This building is where the magic happens. It is five floors high, with each floor having it's own type of powers studied there.
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Bullet Proof Soul [Desi/Gavin] by Desi Ansel
Feb 9, 2016 16:41:42 GMT -5
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Stone's throw away. (Meg) by Alexandria Willows
Feb 10, 2016 17:51:35 GMT -5
The lake in the back of the school is fed by a waterfall originating from the peaks of the surrounding mountains. The water is cold all year round, but that doesn't stop people for swimming in it. It freezes over and becomes a skating rink during winter.
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Fast Pitch {{NAE}} by Ali Meron
Nov 8, 2015 22:38:44 GMT -5
This dense forest spans for miles across the Colorado mountain ranges. Its design prevents explorers for reaching the college or even spending much time in it. Some say it's haunted which is why you won't find many people going into it at night.


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Complete with a jungle gym and a basketball court, it isn't much to look at. It's a few square blocks and has a circular path going around it. A nice place for a run or just to spend the afternoon.
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Hello Euphoria ((RACHEL)) by Nora Wayland
Jan 7, 2016 1:50:34 GMT -5
Experience Denver's night life--as long as you're 18 and older.
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This is a wide open venue used for carnivals, music festivals, special events, fundraisers, etc. When there is nothing going on it gets empty and a little creepy.

Other Places

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Taste the rainbow
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Discoloration [The Blackwell Manor] by Joan Griffin
Jan 23, 2016 16:32:47 GMT -5
Anything that happens anywhere in the world is posted here.
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Anything that happens in the distant future goes here. Anything from the past goes here as well.

Non Phoenix University Role Plays

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No posts have been made on this board.
This board is for short term role plays. Want to test out a new character idea? Want to do a completely different genre? Here is the place for it. The site rules still apply here, but the role plays here do not have any influence on characters in the core story.
11 threads • 1,542 posts
A little short on time these days? Make a board here for a long term role play. Want to try out a plot? Post a board here. These are long term role plays that can go on indefinitely.

Out of Character

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busy, busy! by davis
Feb 28, 2016 19:16:11 GMT -5
Yeah. We talk a lot. =x
2,774 threads • 81,411 posts
Haven Volkov by Deleted
Aug 30, 2015 12:52:35 GMT -5
Where all the finished threads go to gather dust. You can read up on what happened.
1,076 threads • 1,094 posts
Aeipathy - An Ancient World RP by JD
May 3, 2019 4:30:45 GMT -5
Here's where all the first time advertisements, link backs, and affiliates go!

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